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qfsm-0.54.0-alt2.x86_64 arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share info The package has a significant amount of architecture-independent data in /usr/share, while it is an architecture-dependent package. This is wasteful of mirror space and bandwidth, as we then end up with multiple copies of this data, one for each architecture. If the data in /usr/share is not architecture-independent, it is a policy violation, and in this case, you should move that data elsewhere.
qfsm-0.54.0-alt2.x86_64 freedesktop-desktop info desktop-file-validate utility printed the following message(s): /usr/share/applications/qfsm.desktop: warning: value "Qt Finite State Machine Designer" for key "Comment" in group "Desktop Entry" looks redundant with value "Qt Finite State Machine Designer" of key "GenericName"

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