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make-initrd-colaboot-0.5-alt2.noarch unsafe-tmp-usage-in-scripts fail The test discovered scripts with errors which may be used by a user for damaging important system files. For example if a script uses in its work a temp file which is created in /tmp directory, then every user can create symlinks with the same name (pattern) in this directory in order to destroy or rewrite some system or another user's files. Scripts _must_ _use_ mktemp/tempfile or must use $TMPDIR. mktemp/tempfile is safest. $TMPDIR is safer than /tmp/ because libpam-tmpdir creates a subdirectory of /tmp that is only accessible by that user, and then sets TMPDIR and other variables to that. Hence, it doesn't matter nearly as much if you create a non-random filename, because nobody but you can access it. Found error in /usr/share/make-initrd/features/colaboot/data/scripts/post/udev/colaboot: $ grep -A5 -B5 /tmp/ /usr/share/make-initrd/features/colaboot/data/scripts/post/udev/colaboot REPLACEMENT=$(echo $ROOT |sed -r -e 's|(.*)/.*|\1|') elif echo $MACRO_NAME |grep -q "^DHCP_"; then # for this macro type we need to make sure first that network is up [ -z "$NETWORK_IS_UP" ] && network_init >&2 DHCP_OPT_NAME=$(echo $MACRO_NAME |sed -e 's/^DHCP_//') REPLACEMENT=$(get_mnf_param $DHCP_OPT_NAME /tmp/lease-info |sed -e "s/'//g") fi STR=$(echo $STR |sed -e "s|{.*}|$REPLACEMENT|") fi echo $STR } -- done } network_init() { if [ -s /tmp/lease-info ]; then # It seems network is already up NETWORK_IS_UP=1 return fi -- fi sleep .1 done if ip -o -4 addr list |grep -Fqv "inet"; then verbose "Save lease info into /tmp/lease-info" for lease in /var/lib/dhcpcd/*.lease; do iface=$(basename $lease |sed -e 's/dhcpcd-//' -e 's/\.lease$//') dhcpcd -4 -U $iface > /tmp/lease-info done NETWORK_IS_UP=1 else error "No assigned IP found. Network problem?" fi -- FORCE_CACHE_IMAGES=${clb_force_cache_images:-1} WAIT_DELAY=${ROOTDELAY:-180} verbose "CoLaBoot: root url=${ROOT}, clb_fs_size=${clb_fs_size}, clb_force_cache_images=${FORCE_CACHE_IMAGES}" RDISK=/tmp/clb-ramdisk CACHED_IMAGES=$RDISK/cached-images IMAGES_MPOINTS=$RDISK/mount-points IMG_FS_PATH=/tmp/images-fs # this location can be overrided for local HDD, NFS or iSCSI RW_LAYER_PATH=$IMAGES_MPOINTS mkdir -p $RDISK -- for MPOINT in $IMG_FS_PATH/*; do grep -q " $MPOINT " /proc/mounts && umount -l $MPOINT done [ -n "$NETWORK_IS_UP" -o -s /tmp/lease-info ] && network_down } # =========< start here >============= prepare

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