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  rpm id test Status message
glibc-devel-2.27-alt3.x86_64 rpm-filesystem-conflict-file-file warn Files /usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.h /usr/include/rpcsvc/rquota.x conflict with the package quota-devel- Moreover, the packages have no explicit conflicts with each other. You should add explicit conflicts, or, if conflicts are avoidable, consider using alternatives.
glibc-gconv-modules-2.27-alt3.x86_64 file-in-usr-marked-as-conffile warn Files below /usr may not be marked as conffiles, since
/usr might be mounted read-only and thus, the local system
administrator would not have a chance to modify this configuration
glibc-locales-2.27-alt3.x86_64 arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share info The package has a significant amount of architecture-independent data in /usr/share, while it is an architecture-dependent package. This is wasteful of mirror space and bandwidth, as we then end up with multiple copies of this data, one for each architecture. If the data in /usr/share is not architecture-independent, it is a policy violation, and in this case, you should move that data elsewhere.
nscd-2.27-alt3.x86_64 init-lsb warn /etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd: lsb init header missing. See for details.
nscd-2.27-alt3.x86_64 subdir-in-var-run info Found a subdir in /var/run or /var/lock. /var/run and /var/lock may be mounted as temporary filesystems, so the init.d scripts must handle this correctly. This will typically amount to creating any required subdirectories dynamically when the init.d script is run, rather than including them in the package and relying on rpm to create them.

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