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geeqie-1.5.1-alt1.x86_64 arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share info The package has a significant amount of architecture-independent data in /usr/share, while it is an architecture-dependent package. This is wasteful of mirror space and bandwidth, as we then end up with multiple copies of this data, one for each architecture. If the data in /usr/share is not architecture-independent, it is a policy violation, and in this case, you should move that data elsewhere.
geeqie-1.5.1-alt1.x86_64 unsafe-tmp-usage-in-scripts fail The test discovered scripts with errors which may be used by a user for damaging important system files. For example if a script uses in its work a temp file which is created in /tmp directory, then every user can create symlinks with the same name (pattern) in this directory in order to destroy or rewrite some system or another user's files. Scripts _must_ _use_ mktemp/tempfile or must use $TMPDIR. mktemp/tempfile is safest. $TMPDIR is safer than /tmp/ because libpam-tmpdir creates a subdirectory of /tmp that is only accessible by that user, and then sets TMPDIR and other variables to that. Hence, it doesn't matter nearly as much if you create a non-random filename, because nobody but you can access it. Found error in /usr/lib64/geeqie/geeqie-camera-import: $ grep -A5 -B5 /tmp/ /usr/lib64/geeqie/geeqie-camera-import # Import all images from camera # Requires gphoto2 function finish { if [ -f /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files ] then rm /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files fi if [ -p $zen_pipe ] then rm $zen_pipe -- then zenity --title="Geeqie camera import" --info --width=200 --text="gphoto2 is not installed" 2>/dev/null exit 0 fi if [ -f /tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log ] then rm /tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log fi if [ $(gphoto2 --auto-detect | wc -l) -le 2 ] then zenity --error --title="Geeqie camera import" --text="No camera detected" --window-icon=/usr/local/share/pixmaps/geeqie.png --width=250 2>/dev/null -- src_files_sorted=$(mktemp --tmpdir geeqie_camera_import_camera_files_sorted_XXXXXX) dest_files_sorted=$(mktemp --tmpdir geeqie_camera_import_computer_files_sorted_XXXXXX) ( gphoto2 --port "$port" --list-files 2>/tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log | awk '/#/ {print $2}' | sort > $src_files_sorted ) | zenity --progress --auto-close --auto-kill --title="Geeqie camera import" --text="Searching for files to download..." --pulsate --window-icon=/usr/local/share/pixmaps/geeqie.png --width=250 error=$(grep -i error /tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log) if [ ! -z "$error" ] then cat /tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log | zenity --text-info --title="Geeqie camera import" - --window-icon=error --width=250 2>/dev/null exit 1 fi ls -1 | sort > $dest_files_sorted existing_file_count=$(comm -12 $src_files_sorted $dest_files_sorted | wc -l) -- then zenity --info --title="Geeqie camera download" --text="No photos to download" --width=250 --window-icon=usr/local/share/pixmaps/geeqie.png 2>/dev/null exit 0 fi if [ -f /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files ] then rm /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files fi touch /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files zen_pipe=$(mktemp --dry-run --tmpdir geeqie_camera_import_pipe_XXXXXX) mkfifo $zen_pipe gphoto2 --port "$port" --hook-script "$script_dir/"geeqie-camera-import-hook-script --get-all-files --skip-existing 2>/tmp/geeqie-camera-import.log & gphoto2_pid=$! (tail -f $zen_pipe 2>/dev/null) | zenity --progress --title="Geeqie camera import" --width=370 --text="Downloading: total: $files_to_load existing: $existing_file_count\n" --auto-close --auto-kill --percentage=0 window-icon=/usr/local/share/pixmaps/geeqie.png 2>/dev/null & zen_pid=$! n=0 while [ -f /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files ] && [ "$n" -lt 100 ] do i=$(cat "/tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files" | wc -l) n=$(( $((i usr 100)) / $files_to_load)) echo "$n" >$zen_pipe latest_file=$(tail -n 1 /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files) if [ -z "$latest_file" ] then latest_file="Skipping existing files, if any..." fi echo "#Downloading: total: $files_to_load existing: $existing_file_count\n$latest_file" >$zen_pipe Found error in /usr/lib64/geeqie/geeqie-camera-import-hook-script: $ grep -A5 -B5 /tmp/ /usr/lib64/geeqie/geeqie-camera-import-hook-script # Camera import if [ "$ACTION" == "download" ] then echo "$ARGUMENT" >> /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files elif [ "$ACTION" == "stop" ] then zenity --info --title="Geeqie camera download" --text="Import ended" --width=200 --timeout=5 --window-icon=usr/local/share/pixmaps/geeqie.png 2>/dev/null if [ -f /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files ] then rm /tmp/geeqie-camera-import-files fi fi exit 0

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