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aarddict-0.9.3-alt1.noarch freedesktop-categories fail Main Categories consist of those categories that every conforming desktop environment MUST support.( None found in /usr/share/applications/aarddict.desktop. please, fix.
aarddict-0.9.3-alt1.noarch freedesktop-desktop info desktop-file-validate utility printed the following message(s): /usr/share/applications/aarddict.desktop: hint: value item "TextTools" in key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" can be extended with another category among the following categories: Utility, or Office
/usr/share/applications/aarddict.desktop: hint: value "GTK;GNOME;TextTools;Dictionary;" for key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" does not contain a registered main category; application might only show up in a "catch-all" section of the application menu

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