Repocop reports for by-leader @openldap

  rpm id test status message
MigrationTools-46-alt2.1.noarch file-in-usr-marked-as-conffile warn Files below /usr may not be marked as conffiles, since
/usr might be mounted read-only and thus, the local system
administrator would not have a chance to modify this configuration
nss_ldap-debuginfo-265-alt5.x86_64 rpm-filesystem-conflict-symlink-file warn symlink /usr/lib/debug/lib64/ is a file in the package nss-ldapd-debuginfo-0.9.11-alt1.x86_64. Moreover, the packages have no explicit conflicts with each other. You should add explicit conflicts, or, if conflicts are avoidable, consider using alternatives.
openldap-servers-2.4.54-alt1.x86_64 checkbashisms experimental checkbashisms utility found possible bashisms in: /etc/rc.d/init.d/slapd
openldap-servers-2.4.54-alt1.x86_64 init-lsb warn /etc/rc.d/init.d/slapd: lsb init header missing. See for details.

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