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  packager rpm id test Status message
george geany-1.33-alt1.x86_64 library-pkgnames info package contains public library which is used in external packages: name should be lib* according to
iv boost-devel-headers-1.67.0-alt4.noarch rpm-filesystem-conflict-file-file warn There are file conflicts with the package boost-process-devel-0.5-alt1.noarch, for example, /usr/include/boost/process.hpp (4 file conflicts in total). Moreover, the packages have no explicit conflicts with each other. You should add explicit conflicts, or, if conflicts are avoidable, consider using alternatives.
mike TiMidity++-2.14.0-alt7.qa1.x86_64 init-but-no-native-systemd info The package have SysV init script(s) but no native systemd files.
rider design-icewm-themes-1.0-alt5.noarch missing-url info Missing Url: in a package.
rider openttd-data-1.8.0-alt1.S1.noarch freedesktop-categories warn Menu-related Additional Categories ( not found in /usr/share/applications/openttd.desktop. Please add it or report a bug against this test if you already have registered one (not including menu unrelated ones as Core or Qt).
shaba mercurial-3.8.4-alt1.src beehive-log-unpackaged-files-found-i586 info warning: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:
shaba mercurial-3.8.4-alt1.src beehive-log-unpackaged-files-found-x86_64 info warning: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

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