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becase jpcap-0.7-alt4.x86_64 altlinux-policy-shared-lib-contains-devel-so info SharedLibs Policy Draft violation: Shared Lib package should not contain symlink /usr/lib64/ but just /usr/lib64/ According to SharedLibs Policy Draft, symlink /usr/lib64/ should be placed in a special subpackage named lib-devel. If you have already packaged this symlink in lib-devel, just append \%exclude /usr/lib64/ to \%files of jpcap-0.7-alt4.x86_64. Otherwise, move the symlink into the subpackage lib-devel. There is a known exception for case the .so file is not a shared lib but a plugin that is never directly linked with. Please report such a case to repocop test.
becase starboard-preinstall-1.0-alt4.noarch checkbashisms experimental checkbashisms utility found possible bashisms in: /usr/sbin/starboard-fix-install-script
becase starboard-preinstall-1.0-alt4.noarch missing-url info Missing Url: in a package.

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